Why Use Facebook For Business?

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With the sudden rise in social media in the past 12 months, Facebook has become one of the most visited websites online and has 1.19 billion users. Facebook managed to capture a huge market share and a generation

It’s now been reported that Facebook gets more visitors every day than even Yahoo.So with all these people to be-friend on Facebook, the question is, “how do you use Facebook to build your business?”

The answer is quite simple.

You make friends first.
Then, you attract followers by providing them good value in the form of thought provoking questions, comments, quotes and dialogue. You’ll know who your followers are because they will read your status updates and comment on them or let you know that they like what you have to say. Then, those followers will become a fan of yours, meaning that not only are they your friend and follower, but they will reach out to you and thank you for your contributions to your community and perhaps might even ask you what you do or how they might be able to work with you. This might even result in a new customer, business partner or both.

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This is called Permission Based Marketing and it makes for the best transaction between a seller and a buyer online. Now, the worst thing you can do on Facebook, is pitch your deal. Not only will people ignore you, but many will remove you as their friend if they feel that the only reason you are on Facebook is to sell your product or service. Imagine going to a doctor and before they even ask you any questions, they are writing you a prescription. Not only didn’t they ask you anything about yourself, but they didn’t even find out if you even have a need for one.

To suggest to someone on Facebook that they should look at your company, product or service is considered rude, pushy, even annoying. This is otherwise known as spam. Nobody likes to be sold, but everybody loves to buy.

So, brand yourself as a leader first – someone that people will come to know, like and trust.
Then, if people ask you about your business, that’s great. Let them engage you and then you can provide them with more information. Now, if you contribute to your community on Facebook often, with great value, it’s fine to include a link to your personal blog or hub page or any other Social Media that you’ve created or that has been written or spoken about you. If all you post is business information, your intentions speak loudly on their own and you will alienate yourself.

If you treat your Facebook friends with respect and courtesy and contribute often, chances are that you will attract great people who ask what you do and how they can get more information.

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Andrew Van Valer is a serial entrepreneur, noted real estate investor, author, speaker, coach and Managing Partner of SlingshotSV and writes on a variety of subjects related to startups, small business growth, acceleration and leadership.


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