We provide support and the best resources to small businesses and startups through co-working spaces to equip and nurture entrepreneurs.

Communities are essential to building strong sustainable ecosystems. We partner with co-working organizations that build community and teach entrepreneurs how to turn big ideas into thriving businesses. If you are launching a startup or a business you should really try to get into a co-working space. It can be more cost effective, but that is not the best reason to do it. You’ll get knowledge sharing, energy, and a lot of camaraderie and you can’t put a price on those things when you are doing a startup.

We partner with co-working spaces around the world and are working with others to build new locations :

Satellite Workplace Centers:

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Felton CA


Scotts Valley CA


Santa Monica CA


Los Gatos CA


Next Space Locations:

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Santa Cruz CA


Los Angeles CA


Santa Francisco CA



San Jose CA


Venice Beach CA


Berkley CA


Chicago IL


Slingshot INCUBATOR Services

The “Knowledge” Phase

Program: Our entry-level entrepreneurship program is focused on providing access to an optimal business ecosystem that will help you define your business goals and dreams. We provide coaching and mentorship from experienced leaders in innovation, product development, marketing and business. We give you the tools and experiences to validate, experiment, explore, and transform your good idea into a great business.

Scope of Services

Advisor/Coach/Mentor: Every accepted business has access to experienced advisor/coach/mentors who will help you through all phases of the program. Each mentor has a specific area of expertise and is here to know you, your business and objectives intimately, as well as provide their business network, connections and insights too.

Financing Assistance: Help in obtaining a bank loan or assistance in gaining access to federal/state research and development funds, venture capital, seed capital, a revolving loan fund or “angel” financing.

Relationships: Slingshotters are a network of peer relationships. Business owners and entrepreneurs who are facing the same challenges often become friends, customers, suppliers or business partners.


  • Personal Mentorship
  • Resources
  • Startup Workbook
  • Online Training
  • Sample Documents and Agreements
  • Vetted professional human resources
  • Focused professional resources
  • Special Events