Changebound’s Non-Profit Event: Bethany Hamilton Behind The Scenes

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This is a repost from ChangeBound’s blog some of Slingshot notes on it.

This past Friday, Changebound brought Bethany Hamilton to Santa Cruz for an amazing event where we  she shared her story. We appreciate all of those who helped make this happen – including Changebound, Slingshot, Stuart Newton, Regeneration Church and many more! We collect our favorite pictures that we took and have them here for you!

Slingshot’s Notes: 

This event was such an inspiration event and really brought together a lot of inspired young people to be able to focus on what really important. Following their passion. Bethany is such an amazing example of how even after tragedy one can rise and continue to follow your passion and do the things you love! That is truly what Slingshot is all about, if you are not passionate about it than why are you doing it?!

The video below was made by Brandon Does Social, who is a partner of Slingshot when it comes to Changebound. Let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter!


If you attended the event the download link to your pictures with Bethany is down below, enjoy!

bethany hamilton 5

A full house! We sold out all of our tickets with 450 people at our event. Such an awesome time!

bethany hamilton 4

Bethany Hamilton is such a fun person to hear talk. She is always so positive and inspiring the way she talks about life

bethany hamilton 3

Some of our awesome raffle prizes! Hope all of those lucky winners are enjoying their SIGNED Bethany Hamilton pictures and surfboards!

bethany hamilton 2

Not just youth but adults were getting inspired, Bethany Hamilton makes everyone feel brighter.

bethany hamilton 1

I’m happy that Changebound got a new banner! Thank you so much Business With Pleasure 🙂