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Looks and feels secure, that’s main thing for me

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Looks and feels secure, that’s main thing for me

Key thing for me is discretion and damn sure most of the women and men reading this feel the same. If you wanted to leave your partner you’d leave, if you want a tasty side dish to keep life interesting then you use an affairs site. Down the years a few have been given a bad name but ive not heard a bad thing about no strings attached so im giving it a chance and up til now im happy with what I see. Would recommend.

I do not understand all the good reviews, mediocre at best

As something of a veteran in the online cheating game I can tell you that theres a reason why you havent heard much about this site. Thats simply because there are much better options out there. Period. No idea why people like it but im in the US and its not got me laid so think twice.

Some mighty fine biaaatchees on this site. Had a few chats going but no warm apple pie yet lol Bring on the poontang! Read More