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2. analysis the books and theoretical debate

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2. analysis the books and theoretical debate

For example, Kotler ( 1997 ) argues that higher satisfaction just brings logical preferences but creates some sort of mental attachment to a brand that is a result of this emotional connect, causing a top amount of consumer loyalty. And also, Carroll and Ahuvia ( 2006 ) study empirically shows that mental and passionate fascination with a brandname is a predictor of brand loyalty; consequently, mental attachment and brand love (not only satisfaction) is a drive to support.

2.1. Brand name happiness

Although some research reports have become done in earlier times regarding commitment between satisfaction and brand support (Dong et al., 2011 ; Fuentes-Blasco et al., 2014 ; Kuppelwieser & Sarstedt, 2014 ; Huy Tuu et al., 2011 ), but not one of researches features resolved the role that emotional tissues can play in partnership between pleasure and brand name commitment. However, different research on consumer-brand affairs shows that emotional constructs such as psychological brand name attachment and brand name enjoy can enjoy a mediating part inside the partnership between fulfillment and support (Correia Loureiro & Kaufmann, 2012 ; Drennan et al., 2015 ; Roy et al., 2013 ; Sarkar, 2011 ; Unal & AydA±n, 2013 ) and they are an antecedent role for respect (Alnawas & Altarifi, 2016 ; Belaid & Temessek Behi, 2011 ; Bergkvist & Bech-Larsen, 2010 ; Fetscherin et al., 2014 ; Theng very et al., 2013 ). Read More