Slingshot ALUMNI

When you join Slingshot’s Alumni group your life has already been greatly impacted by the Slingshot process. You will be connected to amazing people dedicated towards doing good and fostering change through business growth. You’ll:

  • Have a unique plan to change your wealth and build a business of your own
  • Use the pattern that every millionaire has used to build their wealth.
  • Accelerate your business results to bring in more customers and more revenue
  • Develop your personal plan to handle good debt and bad debt to your best advantage
  • Meet skilled experts in the key disciplines every successful company and wealth builder requires—leadership, marketing, sales, tax strategies, investment strategies and real estate strategies to name only a few
  • Tap into a community of like-minded individuals and experts who can become a part of your “Team”

"As far as I'm concerned Andy is a start-up guru! He combines a wealth of experience, a huge network with a passion for working with people creating new businesses."

− Leroy Elkin VP Apple Finance

"Practical, informative, and in-depth business study course! It provides practical, fundamental advice as well as more advanced information. Everything was explained simply, and there's no filler content or fluff - this is information you can use. Jon and Andy raised excellent points that new business owners may not even be aware of - I certainly learned more than a few things! You'll be glad you took this course - I know I am."

− Donnie Christianson

"I had the pleasure of working with Andy for about 6 months as I was getting my product launched off the ground. He brings to the table a supreme balance of insight, experience, fun, entrepreneurship, care and passion for any client I have witnessed him work with. I think about his lessons frequently throughout my weeks and always look forward to working with him. I highly recommend teaming up with Andy for any size project you have on your plate."

− Elliot Stone Entrepreneur

"Andrew is able to listen and ask questions that get to the heart of the problem. His integrity and trustworthiness allow me to relax and share openly. When we work together ideas flow freely, leading to meaningful and creative solutions to difficult business problems."

− Mark Groo Owner Entreprenuer


I highly recommend Andy as a business-development coach; especially in the area of social marketing. He has a unique way of seeing the big picture and filling in the steps to reach target goals. He continues to provide us with valuable information, allowing us to gross over $250,000 in our first year as a start-up company."

− Scott Sawyer - Chiropractic Trainer and Entrepreneur