Entrepreneurs Mentoring Entrepreneurs

Slingshot SV Accelerator provides resources to startups and businesses that want to scale.

At Slingshot SV, our goal is to help you scale your business and reach the level of success you want to reach. This usually means: get you and your team to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to make the impact in your target market or achieve your planned exit strategy.

We work with the best and the brightest entrepreneurial minds around that want to give back to the community that helped them. We go deep into your company and support you with resources and networks. They’ve been there and done that, and they’re here to help your company succeed.

Take your business to the next level with a group of entrepreneurs, mentors and advisors that are focused on helping each other scale. Slingshot’s Accelerator program is for companies and ceo’s that are looking to gain momentum.

Slingshot INCUBATOR Services

The “Momentum” Phase
Program: Slingshot SV’s Accelerator is built and run by experienced entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing the energy and momentum that local businesses, product visionaries, and technology innovators need in order to take their established businesses to the next level.

Scope of Services

Advisor/Coach/Mentor: Every accepted business has access to experienced advisor/coach/mentors who will help you through all phases of the program. Each mentor has a specific area of expertise and is here to know you, your business and objectives intimately, as well as provide their business network, connections and insights to.

Financing Assistance: Help in obtaining a bank loan or assistance in gaining access to federal/state research and development funds, venture capital, seed capital, a revolving loan fund or “angel” financing.

Relationships: Slingshotters are a network of peer relationships. Business owners and entrepreneurs who are facing the same challenges often become friends, customers, suppliers or business partners.

Accelerator Checklist of Services

• Talent acquisition resources
• Mentoring programs
• Disruptive Product Innovation
• Branding and Corporate Identity
• Web, Mobile and Social Presence
• Business Model and Fundraising
• Team Building
• Growth Hacking and Partnership
• Exclusive Events & Demo-Pitch
• Mentorship by thought leaders
• Partners Service and Discount
• Speakers & education classes
• Online resources

• Startup Workbook
• Sample documents and agreements
• Vetted professional human resources

Focused professional resources

Accelerator Information

Company Name
Concept / Product
Explain your product or service.
What do you want to accomplish?